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Access Control SystemsAccess Control – New Systems  

Determining how to secure your facility is an important decision. Creating the right mix of security features is important to ensure that your assets are protected, while not impeding day to day operations. Keyscan systems are designed with the end-user in mind. They incorporate intuitive features with easy to use software, and integration products that provide complete security for any building or facility. Whether you are a small business owner with twenty five employees, or the security director of a multi-national corporation with hundreds of locations to secure, our system design specialists can help you secure your facility with a world-class access control system.

Access control provides control over facilities that traditional keys cannot. With the ability to lock and unlock doors from virtually anywhere, or allow access only during specified times you never have to guess who is in your facility. There are thousands of possible configurations for any system and you can pick and choose features to create an access control system that is customized to your needs and solve your most demanding challenges.



Access Control – Retrofitting Systems

The world of access control has changed over the years. If you are an existing user of an access control product and are experiencing one or more of the following…                                                                

• I have found that it has become antiquated
• I am not pleased with my systems performance
• I am experiencing expansion limitations


TeleSystems can help

Retrofitting an existing system is often not as daunting a task as many originally anticipate. Keyscan is a non-proprietary system and in the majority of cases we can utilize the very same readers and credentials that are already installed at your facility. Furthermore, the existing wiring for your readers and electronic locking hardware can also be reused.

The ability to re-use this existing infrastructure can dramatically reduce the costs associated with upgrading your access control system.