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Desktop models          ESI Cordless Handset II


ESI 60 Business Phone

An ESI 60 Business Phone is ideal for most active phone users. Its large display, visual voice mail capability, and 48 programmable feature keys help you achieve maximum productivity.

There are two main models, digital and IP, of the ESI 60 Business Phone:




ESI 40 Business Phone

An ESI 40 Business Phone provides a full feature set to users who may not need all the “bells and whistles” of higher-level models yet do require access to all ESI system features.

There are two models, digital and IP, of the ESI 40 Business Phone:




48-Key Feature Phone

ESI’s 48-Key Feature Phone has a large display and 30 programmable feature keys for maximum productivity. If a backlit display isn’t critical to your needs, the 48-Key Feature Phone offers an impressive combination of power and ease-of-use.

There are two models, digital and IP, of the 48-Key Feature Phone:



24-Key Digital Feature Phone

The 24-Key Digital Feature Phone (not shown) is perfect for lower-traffic users who need access to system features but require less customization.




Coming soon . . . The ESI 250 Smartphone for the Desktop™








ESI Cordless Handset II

The ESI Cordless Handset II uses advanced DECT 6.0 third-generation 1.9 GHz technology to provide mobility to the user who’s constantly on the move in the office. Like the original ESI Cordless Handset models, each ESI Cordless Handset II provides its user most of the rich ESI feature set along with the convenience of a portable device — with the added benefit of increased range of use, thanks to DECT’s ability to support repeaters. This lets users continue calls while moving between different coverage cells throughout a location, using a process known as handoff that’s similar to how cell phones work. When you return to your desk, a touch of ESI’s Quick Switch Key lets you toggle from the lightweight, portable Cordless Handset II back to your full-function ESI desktop phone.

The ESI Cordless Handset II comes in three different versions:

Under DECT 6.0, each ESI Cordless Handset II operates on the 1.9 GHz frequency band, which has been specially allocated to support cordless telephony. Benefits of DECT 6.0 technology include:



The ESI C-Plus Executive supports only the original ESI Digital Cordless Handset models, and not the ESI Digital Cordless Handset II (which is for use with only the IP Server 900 and ESI Communications Servers). IVX C-Class supports no ESI Cordless Handset models.