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1. What is ClearVoicevip ?                                                     

ClearVoice vip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a digital phone service specifically for businesses that leverages any broadband internet connection in the world to provide you with unlimited US calling and a feature abundant PBX phone system, all wrapped up in one simple package. Just like you can share many computers to your internet connection (and even take your laptop from network to network), you can now plug VoIP phones into your internet connections as well and enjoy the most flexible, feature rich business phone system with unlimited US calling.

2. Do I still have to get phone lines installed in my new office from my local common carrier?

No! Installing copper wires and paying your old common carrier is a thing of the past.

3. Do I still have to pay my local & long-distance provider?

No! ClearVoice vip entirely replaces and eliminates your current phone service bill.

4. Do I still have to buy a PBX or Key telephone system for my business?

NO! ClearVoice vip is a business phone system in and of itself, eliminating the need to make the big purchase of installing and confining a clunky traditional PBX into your office closet.

5. Is ClearVoice vip like Vonage?

No! Unlike Vonage, ClearVoice vip is for businesses only. Also unlike Vonage, ClearVoice vip provides you with a full blown PBX phone system solution…which means you don’t have to buy a PBX! With Vonage you would have to pay Vonage a monthly fee and then buy your own phone system from a separate vendor and pay them fees for configuration and ongoing support as well.

6. What happens if my main location loses power or internet?

If your main location loses power or internet, ClearVoice vip will auto-detect that your location is down and automatically re-route your phone calls to a predetermined backup location or a group of mobile phones.

7. If there is a hurricane or natural disaster, will my phone lines go down?

No! No matter what happens to your office, your phone lines are always up and running. You could take your phones to a remote location and work seamlessly as if nothing happened, or use mobile phones.

8. Can I transfer my existing phone number(s) to ClearVoice vip?

Yes, absolutely! Transferring numbers is a seamless process with NO downtime involved.

9. What kind of internet connection do I need to successfully run ClearVoice vip?

ClearVoice vip draws 80kbps of internet bandwidth per live instance of a call. This means if there are typically 4 people in your office on the phone at the same exact time, it will require 4 simultaneous calls * 80 kbps = 320kbps of internet bandwidth. If only one person is on the phone, it will drop back down to only 80kbps

 Click here to check your broadband speed.

10. What is internet bandwidth and how do I know how much internet bandwidth I have?

Internet bandwidth is the speed of your internet line. The speed is measured in two directions: upload(sending data) and download(receiving data). Most internet connections will allow you to download at a much faster rate than you can upload. This means that the determining factor for how much usable bandwidth you have for ClearVoice vip is going to be your upload (sending data) speed. You can do a Google search for “DSL speed test” and run tests from different places to get a realistic estimate of your internet upload and download speeds.


11. I already have VoIP phones, can I use them with ClearVoice vip?

Yes you can. ClearVoice vip works with Polycom, Cisco, and Aastra model VoIP phones. If you already have them, it’s a simple 1-2-3 switch over to ClearVoice vip!


12. What is VoIP QoS?

QoS stands for Quality of Service. QoS is performed by a customized internet device called a router or a switch. Purchasing a QoS capable router or switch is highly recommended to all of our customers. QoS is only required if you plan on using one internet connection to power both your computers and your phones. In the case that you obtain a second internet connection to keep the phones on one internet connection all by themselves, QoS is no longer required!


13. Can I bring my ClearVoice vip phone home or to another location to work from?

Yes! Your ClearVoice vip phone(s) will work from any location provided there is some sort of broadband internet connection available.


14. Will my ClearVoice vip phone work from another country?

Yes! Your ClearVoice vip phone(s) will work anywhere in the world, provided there is some sort of broadband internet connection available.


15. What is a VoIP soft phone?

A VoIP soft phone is a downloadable piece of software that you install on a computer or laptop. Once downloaded all you need is a USB or blue tooth headset for voice communication and your PC is now also your VoIP phone!


16. Does ClearVoice vip have a soft phone too?

Yes! By downloading our compatible soft phones you can turn any of your PC’s or laptops into your ClearVoice vip business phone!


17. Are there any installation/activation fees?

Depends on what plan you choose some do some don’t.


18. Are there any contracts or commitments?

Depends on what plan you choose some do some don’t.

19. What does my office need to be VoIP ready?

Your office needs a broadband internet connection such as a DSL line, T1 or cable modem, an internet router(preferably one that does VoIP QoS), and lastly, if you can’t plug your VoIP phones directly into your internet router you will need CAT5/RJ45 wall outlets in each location that there will be a VoIP phone. CAT5/RJ45 wall outlets look identical to the outlet your PC would plug into, similar to a plain old telephone wall outlet, but with a larger hole.


20. What if I don’t want to install extra cabling?

If you already have CAT5/RJ45 wall outlets for each of your PC’s, you can purchase phones with Dual Ethernet Ports and share the same outlet with your PC! Refer to our VoIP phones product page to see which phones have dual ethernet ports. Lastly, as mentioned in the “What is VoIP QoS” question, you will need to use a VoIP QoS router/switch since you will be running all of your PC traffic and VoIP phone traffic across the same cables.


21. Do I need a T1 line to run VoIP?

No! Each simultaneous & live instance of a call will only require 80kbps of internet bandwidth. This means if only 3 people are on the phone at any given moment in your office, that will consume just 240kbps of internet bandwidth.


22. Where is ClearVoice vip available?

Our service is available in all 50 states covering the great majority of the US population. Chances are, yes we can service you! Contact us now to get started.


23. In addition to my main local number, can I also get phone numbers from other states or area codes?

Yes! If your business is located in Alabama, but you want a phone number that has an area code from New York City, you can achieve that easily with ClearVoice vip. As mentioned above we have local numbers in all 50 states, so we can provide you with local numbers virtually anywhere you can think of.


24. How long does it take to be fully up and running on ClearVoice vip?

We can have you up and running in as little as 3 business days, using hosted pbx voip phones ( some cases could take longer)