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SIP trunking is ‘connectivity choice’ for enterprises upgrading systems, says Infonetics analyst



April 25, 2013 | By

SIP trunking has become the “connectivity choice” for enterprises upgrading their communications systems to IP PBX and unified communications (UC), observed Diane Myers, principal analyst for VoIP, UC and IMS at Infonetics Research.

Myers is predicting that SIP trunking will be the fastest growing business VoIP segment through 2017. The combined business and residential VoIP services market is forecast by Infonetics to reach $82.7 billion in that year.

In 2012, SIP trunks increased 83 percent year-over-year as multi-site businesses adopted SIP trunking to reduce costs and improve flexibility, according to Infonetics. Myers noted that in North America, SIP trunks are at less than a 15 percent penetration rate, so the market segment has plenty of room to grow.


SIP to overtake T1 lines in the enterprise by 2015, predicts Infonetics

One-third of enterprises deploying SIP trunks use on-premise eSBCs for PBX connection

March 28, 2013 | By


The percentage of enterprises using SIP trunking will surpass the percentage using legacy T1 lines in 2015, according to a survey of close to 300 firms by Infonetics Research.Those who do not plan to deploy SIP trunking said they liked their existing voice services or that their existing service contract was not up for renewal.For most of the enterprises using SIP trunking, the PBX connection is made natively; fewer than one-third make the connection using premise-based enterprise session border controllers (eSBCs), according to the survey



Exciting   things   are   happening   here   at   TeleSystems   and   we   are   so   pleased   to  announce  our  new   HTTPS  FAX  TO  FAX  service . Now  you  can   fax  over  VOIP  with  reliability.










The new version of the industry accepted AudioCodes MP-202B HTTPS Fax Enabled Fax ATA now allows universal connections to any fax machine or MFP. The Fax ATA, plugged into the data or IP network is then is connected through toTeleSystems hosted  cloud based Fax Connector via HTTPS.. This allows any fax machine or MFP to connect and send or receive faxes over any HTTPS link. The HTTPS link gives both reliability and security over any Internet connection. This includes WiFi, Satellite and Cellular data connections. There are no additional monthly recurring costs for the connection account from ClearVoice fax keeping the value on the invested fax service account. The user experience at the fax machine is fully preserved and the connection supports both sending and receiving of faxes.






Integrated access control system protects patients and staff at Children’s Surgery Center

Staff, patients, and families safer with access control feature on ESI phone system

Plano, Texas, September 27, 2012 — The Children’s Surgery Center in Maitland, Florida, is more secure and sanitary all because of an often overlooked office device — their phone system. The Center uses two unique features on the ESI-100 Communications Server, presence management and access control, as both an added security measure for the children and families who visit and a sanitary measure for staff and patients alike. The communications system, integrated with a security management program, implements modern technology that allows the Center to streamline operations in a cost-efficient manner.

As a brand new building that first opened in November, 2010, the surgical center was subject to rigorous codes and standards mandated by local and state jurisdictions. The Children’s Surgery Center had to meet Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) standards for building and operational procedures for facility management, patient handling, and other ambulatory surgical center requirements.

“A critical aspect of the construction was the ability to control access to the entrance of the sterile corridors and surgical areas, due to the daily rotation of different doctors and nurses working in the facility,” explained Phil Medina of KeyCom Telecommunications, an Orlando-based ESI Reseller who oversaw the installation of the ESI-100 Communications Server. “ESI’s presence management and access control features give the Children’s Surgery Center full control over staff and patient access to different areas.”

Staff members wear proximity cards with ID stickers on them that link to the ESI system and control staff access to specific areas within the Center. For example, back-office staff can have access into the building and general offices, but they can be prohibited from doors that secure the sterile corridor leading to the operating rooms. Likewise, surgeons, scrub nurses, and anesthesiologists can access the sterile corridor and operating rooms, but not the accounting office. This strategic limitation of access to areas decreases the chance of germs and diseases from spreading, keeping the entire building and all employees, patients, and visitors healthy and safe.

“We have lock systems in the center and the ESI phone has a unique feature that unlocks the doors. This is an essential function of the Center, as it safely keeps our young patients and their families in the appropriate areas,” explained Shirley Mead, Center Director. She added, “Controlling patient and staff movement between specific areas also prevents germs from spreading across the hospital to other areas.”

The presence management feature allows administrators to observe all staff members’ entry and exit from the building. As well, when a staff member scans their proximity card at a reader to access a different area within the building, a signal is sent to the administrator, who can clearly and easily keep track of numerous staff members. This allows administrators to quickly find essential staff members in emergencies.

ESI President and COO George Platt commented, “ESI has been a leader in high-performance phone systems for small-to-medium-sized businesses for 25 years, and we have been working with our valued partner KeyCom for 20 years. We’re thrilled that the phone system and ESI’s unique presence management and access control capabilities are being used in an innovative and life-saving way at the Children’s Surgery Center.”









Exciting   things   are   happening   here   at   TeleSystems   and   we   are   so   pleased   to   have   you   be   apart   of   it   all.

We are very excited to welcome Mr. Danny Christopher, formally of DMC Security and Cus-tom Home Theatre. If you were one of Danny’s customers we would also like to welcome you to the TeleSystems Family.

As of June 1st, 2012 TeleSystems, purchased DMC and hired Danny to come to work with us as part of the purchase. Danny is an outstanding young man with extensive knowledge in Security, CCTV, Home Audio, and Home Theatre.

Former customers of DMC will be receiving their invoice directly from TeleSystems begin-ning in June, 2012 for the 3rd quarter billing cycle. Monitoring prices will

remain as they have been in the past and TeleSystems will continue to honor any warran-ties that apply to your account.

Existing TeleSystems customers will notice no change.. However, you now have a direct representative in Danny to call on if you need any additional equipment or require service.

The acquisition of DMC and the recent acquisition of Rosser Alarm has allowed Telesystems to offer the very latest in Security, Access Control, CCTV, Home Audio and, Custom Home Theatre to our Residential and Commercial customers.

TeleSystems also offers Commercial Telephone Systems, Paging Systems, Fiber Optic/Copper Data Wiring solutions for Computer Networks, and Dial Tone through our sister company ClearVoice vip,



Switching to VoIP can save you money, if your network is ready

In response to a recent article in PC World titled, “How Switching to VoIP Can Save You Money,” (see Source link below) we thought it might be informative to add our two cents.  (www.pcworld.com)

SIP Trunking (VOIP) can be used effectively in larger installations as well.  Most SIP trunks can be provisioned to offer DID’s so that calls can be routed through an on-premise platform directly to an individual extension.  While there are cost benefits that can be realized without degradation of service, in most cases the company implementing these SIP trunks or VOIP services need to be sure that their internal networks and Internet access points are configured directly.

Here’s a scenario that happens almost every day — sending packets of voice over an Internet pipe that only has a certain bandwidth, and at the same time, someone or several people try to download a video or even download or upload a large software program. Those voice packets have to compete with the other packets for space in the pipe.  This can cause what is known as latency or jitter which degrades voice quality.  Best practices suggest that businesses should have separate access to the Internet for voice traffic or install end-to-end circuits that guarantee a quality of service (QOS).  Applying such best practices can increase the cost of a SIP Trunk or VOIP deployment but ultimately provides better quality while still providing a reduction in costs






ESI unveils 250 Smartphone at Channel Partners »

We are excited to be showing the Android based ESI 250 Smartphone at the Channel Partners show in Las Vegas this week.  Come by the ESI Booth #614 to get a hands on demonstration. At the Booth you can also get a demonstration the extensive ESI solutions that make it easier for SMB’s to communicate with their customers.  ESI is 100% partner focused, thus we are looking for additional great partners to join the ESI reseller family.  We look forward to seeing you at the show and to working with you in the future.

Best Regards,

George Platt

President and COO                                     


Here’s a shot of the ESI 250 Smartphone, being demonstrated today at the Channel Partners Conference & EXPO in Las Vegas, NV.








  ESI Product Rollout 2011  Dallas TX.












Doug Boyd Chief Executive                                                                                                                Before the show starts





 ESI New IP Server 900













New VIP 7                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                      New 60D Phone





 250 Smartphone                                                                                                                      40D














Doug & Marty with the owners of ESI













Doug & Marty with the ESI President George Platt