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Experience and history show that any computer system, regardless of the efforts spent in prevention, will eventually crash. Regularly the media reports on multi-billion dollar companies whose services went off-line for hours or sometimes days due to server crashes.

ClearVoice vip server platform offers a state-of-the-art, entirely automated system of redundancy that works in real-time. The system enables servers to restore themselves automatically and reduces downtime after a crash to mere seconds.

As an analogy, in airplanes, reliability is of critical importance — the plane’s commands often have a second or third redundant component ready on standby should a critical primary component fail. With a business system, if a server crash occurs in the middle of a workday, it is a great inconvenience (and economic loss) to wait for operations to be restored. If a business relies heavily on online shopping carts, or a CRM, ERP, or other critical services for management, an hour of downtime can seem like an eternity. In business, as in aeronautics, designing redundancy into the system is paramount.

Service with Redundancy

With our hosted PBX’s built in structural and service-related redundancy you need never lose a call due to electrical or other problems on site. Even if all your phones are down, your callers still hear your professional greeting and are able to navigate your auto-attendant and voicemail system. In these circumstances, you can even choose to have your calls forwarded to an outside number, such as a cell phone, and despite the power outage you can still be in touch with your customers. You even have the option of taking the VoIP phone from your office and plugging it into your broadband Internet connection at home.

With us, you simply have more options for when the accidents of life happen.