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Don’t just take our word for it…

Because we consistently exceed expectations, we’ve earned an excellent reputation with Our many customers. Here are just a few of their experiences.



It has been my experience that satisfied customers do not voice their opinions often enough to the people who would benefit most from their  comments…the owners and/or operators of the business. 
In that light, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you once more for the fantastic customer service we have received since converting to your VOIP service last year.  I love the call redundancy features that give us a “belt and suspenders” approach to managing our incoming calls, and I appreciate the quick response to any request or question we have faced since implementing the new system. 
I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Telesystems VOIP service to any business owner or operator interested in the combined annual savings, superior customer service and efficiencies it has provided us at Insurance Facilities.  Thank you once again, and please do not hesitate to use us as a reference in soliciting new business opportunities.
Best regards,

Josh Gilbert
Vice President







As a fast-growing company, we were in need of updating our telecommunications infrastructure to keep up the pace.  TeleSystems worked with us to design a system that exceeded our expectations. Their team designed a custom solution for our phone system, utilizing the advanced, yet user-friendly, “Voice over IP”.  VoIP not only comes with many added benefits and features, it saves us money by combining services!

Carol Gilliland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Coosa Industrial Supply, Inc.








To whom it may concern:
VuePoint Diagnostics has benefited greatly from our relationship with TeleSystems, Inc. and ClearVoice Vip.  We were in need of a solution that allowed us the flexibility to manage our own Telecommunications while keeping our cost to a minimum.
TeleSystems offered us a solution that included Hosted Telephones coupled with the ClearVoice Vip phone service.  This service was exactly what we needed and it has worked flawlessly.  Their office staff and technicians are professional, friendly and have earned our utmost trust.  Due to the excellent level of service and support we have received,  TeleSystems and ClearVoice Vip are our preferred communications providers and we recommend them without hesitation. 

VuePoint Diagnostics
Mark Emanuelsen
President & CEO







The firm of Albert Burney, Inc. was established with a commitment to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We also expect the vendors we deal with to have that same commitment. ClearVoice ViP a TeleSystems, Inc. company is that type of company.

We purchased the ESI Communications Server system a few years ago from TeleSystems and we recently changed our local and long distance service to ClearVoice ViP. I was skeptical at first because the savings we realized seemed to good too be true.

The service has exceeded our expectations. It has given us more flexibility than other providers to process calls.

I personally would recommend ClearVoice ViP to any business looking to save money while enhancing your local and long distance service.

The best part of the service is the Company behind the product. TeleSystems, Inc. has been around for over 20 years providing companies like us with the very best in products and services. They are “Local Folks” that I can pick up the phone and actually talk to.








As an owner of Network Solutions, Inc., I began working with Telesystems many years ago.  I had first noticed the quality of their wiring on some jobs that both companies were involved in.  Soon, I approached them about doing some work for our company (running wires, working on phone issues, etc.).   Since many jobs for new offices involve both computers and phones, we’ve had the opportunity to work with TeleSystems on numerous occasions over the years.

Having a trusted partner for your telecommunications infrastructure is important.  That is why we had TeleSystems put in our new phone system in 2002.  It was an ESI system and we got a lot of great use out of it.  Eventually, we outgrew that system as Network Solutions expanded into a second office.  TeleSystems installed a new ESI server that has been serving us very well since it was installed.   Our telecommunications needs are probably more extensive than most companies, as we utilize off premise IP phones, door access, auto attendant, teleconferencing, and other features, but TeleSystems has no problems handling all of our demands.

Our company is very dependent on our phone system and phone service.  When people or companies have trouble with their computers, they need to be able to reach us quickly. If they can’t reach us, they will call a competitor.  That is one reason that when we decided to change our dial tone service from AT&T, we went with TeleSystem’s Clearvoice VIP solution.  First, it has failover capabilities in case there is a problem so that we are not ever totally down.  Second, we are able to rely on TeleSystems’ proven track record of support, which is MUCH better than trying to deal with AT&T.  Add that on top of our cost savings over using AT&T and the additional features we got, and the choice was a no-brainer.

One final service that TeleSystems provides for me and my company is alarm installation and monitoring.  I recently bought a new home, and TeleSystems installed a great alarm system which I’m able to arm, disarm, and monitor using a computer or cell phone. I have trusted in their alarm monitoring for years to protect my assets and my family both at work and home and would definitely recommend anyone else do the same.

You can’t go wrong with the staff, service, and support from TeleSystems for all of your telecommunications needs!

Trey Nolen

Owner, Network Solutions, Inc.