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All of ESI’s VIP PC applications work with the advanced capabilities of your ESI system to enhance your day-to-day communication — including the ability to control calls and organize voice mail and contacts.

VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) is available in an Outlook®-integrated edition and a standalone edition (SE), and comes in two “flavors”: the basic VIP and VIP Professional. Each configuration is licensed independently, with easy migration from VIP to VIP Professional. Each lets you intelligently do the following from your PC’s screen:


With VIP Professional, you also get:

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And, speaking of those other products . . .

These independently licensed members of the VIP product family, all compatible with VIP Professional, add their own specific capabilities (click their links for more information):

Regardless of your selected configuration, VIP is easy to implement. It connects to your existing local area network (LAN) and is non-invasive. There’s no need to upgrade the LAN or install Microsoft® Exchange® — thus avoiding a costly and impractical solution for the small to mid-size business.