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Quality. Capability. Value.                     

Most industry experts agree that the end is near for the business phone closet. It’s time for your business to partner with a Hosted PBX and VoIP provider who has the experience necessary to make you sound great, while enabling your business to take advantage of the capabilities and cost savings of business quality VoIP. So finding a provider who knows how to deliver the highest quality voice over a data network is key.

You’ll find no shortage of providers who say they do VoIP, or providers who resell a shrink wrapped Hosted PBX software package, but buyer beware. Not all Hosted PBX and VoIP providers are alike. If they lead with “fit your business into my system,” or low prices and a narrow feature set as their value proposition, you should run scared.

Leading with quality and capabilities before cost savings is better for your business, and is a time-tested model for success. With all that said, ClearVoice vip pricing is extremely competitive, and our customers can attest to the great value that ClearVoice vip delivers every day.

Here is “Why ClearVoice vip” is trusted by so many businesses:

QUALITY At ClearVoice vip we realize that quality means business. By delivering the highest quality service, ClearVoice vip helps your business to sound great, and to grow and succeed without worrying about your communication systems. These are more than just words to our employees. Our quality focus has earned us an industry leading customer retention rate, many customer referrals, and many other business and financial benefits. All of which we invest right back into the business in order to earn your long-term trust. 

CAPABILITYWe only use state of the art technologies and service providers, so your business is backed by the best-of-the-best the industry has to offer. We utilize major upstream providers like Paetec and Verizon (among others), and we pay a premium for our network infrastructure and IP connectivity to deliver the best capabilities of any competing provider. We run our own Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Points of Presence (POP), and designed and developed our own customer portal software so that we can deliver the features and functions to help your business compete favorably.

 Benefits of our Hosted PBX Solution


With our hosted PBX you get built-in service and structural redundancy. Redundant service means you never lose a call due to electrical or other problems on site. Even if all your phones are down, your callers still hear your professional greeting and are able to navigate your auto-attendant and voicemail system.


The telephone system can grow as your business grows; telephone sets and services can be added incrementally, one by one, as you need the additional services and telephones.


Digital business telephone service with advanced PBX functionality starting from $25.00 per month! You get a professional appearance and service with much lower start up costs and monthly service costs than with a traditional on-site PBX and analog telephone service.

Integrate and Unify Multiple Locations

Combine multiple locations into one big “virtual office,” making communication between locations easy and economical. Telephones can be sited anywhere where with a broadband Internet connection. Need to move? Just unplug the telephones and take them with you.

Adaptive Capacity

Get a phone system with the flexibility to adapt to your call volume. Your callers will never get a busy signal again!

Simple Installation

Connecting the VOIP Telephonesis as easy as plugging in a cable from your router/modem to the back of the telephone set. The telephones use common and widely available Ethernet (cat 5) wiring and work with almost any broadband Internet connection, including DSL, cable and data T-1 connections.

Feature Rich

Get a PBX with “big office features for any size office. Plus, we are always adding new features to further enhance our Business VOIP Services.

Telephone Capacity on Demand

Add call holding queues to your account and get unlimited capacity to hold any number of calls, regardless of how many lines you actually have.


The reporting features of the online account management interface give you an overview of your call patterns and volumes.

Telecommuting is a Snap


Telecommuting is easy with our hosted PBX services. If you have employees who work from home, all they need is a broadband Internet connection and VoIP telephone set to connect and be integrated into your office telephone system. They are just as accessible whether in the office or 100 miles away.


Low maintenance


With our turnkey hosted pbx you have less on-site equipment to take care of. All you need to maintain is your local Internet connection and the telephone sets and VoIP adapters themselves. All other call processing and routing is done remotely on equipment monitored and maintained 24/7 by ClearVoice vip